And that's a wrap folks

Today marks the end of my journey analyzing the social media presence and use of three different entities -- individuals and organizations. At the beginning of this semester, I set out to monitor how three different accounts related to The George Washington University used Twitter. This consisted of the main University account (@GWTweets), the University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions account (@GWAdmissions) and the University's Dean of Student Affairs account (@GWPeterK). 

Over the course of the semester, I have highlighted weekly what I observed, including the strengths and weaknesses of each account. In the end, I concluded that while the core University and the Dean of Student Affairs accounts were effective in carrying out their purposes, the GW Admissions account lacked content that targeted its specific audience. 

That in turn has become the focus of my semester project, aimed at helping the least effective of my three audiences create a better social media campaign.

Throughout the project, I also faced some challenges of my own. When looking back to reflect, it is amazing that my posts were able to have a solid amount of views.

My posts garnered a good amount of audience and views.

Posts that touched on wider topics than my three organizations generally did even better.
I have used my blog in the past to talk about important issues in society that I feel deserve more attention. I integrated the University Writing content into my blog. My main audience, with traffic driven through my personal Google+ page and public Twitter account, probably was not looking for this content from me. Yet, because of optimization of how I shared the posts, including creating a Google+ page dedicated for the blog and describing my project, it seems as if I was able to still have an audience for the posts.

Also, establishing my ethos (credibility) in this short of a time period was another challenge. Although I use social media a lot in my life and love to keep up with technology happenings, I am in no way a social media analyst or expert. Establishing my role in the field to show that what I was saying had some foundation was something that needed to be done right away. Because of the views I had, it seems that I was able to make some headway.

Overall, I think my campaign to analyze the three accounts was successful. There was a clear evolution of the campaign from the starting point to when I realized which account was the least effective. Over time, people continued to read what I had to say. Thank you to my audience and to those who are usually on here reading my other posts!