Finding the perfect scholarly article for my semester project

Finding a perfect source to use that is relevant to a paper or research topic can be daunting sometimes, especially when the scope is narrowed to just scholarly articles.

But I have seemed to find the perfect scholarly article that will help advance my research on why social media is so important in advancing the mission of any undergraduate admission office for a university.

The scholarly article was found through the ERIC database through The George Washington University's library. It covers exactly everything I want it too. And as an added bonus, it is written by a students. Using Technology in Undergraduate Admissions: A Student Perspective, by Robin Lindbeck and Brian Fodrey, in the "Journal of College Admissions" captures the reasons and statistics as to why social media is important based on the viewpoint of students. In other words, universities can have a chance to hear exactly what goes through a student's thought process and how they can make themselves more appealing to the average student. 

For this reason, it will fit very well in the "Case for Employing Social Media" and new proposed campaign sections of my proposal for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at The George Washington University.

The argument that it makes is that the perspective of the prospective student has been absent from the discussion as to why and in what way universities should use social media. It aims to present a view that is representative of students. It shows how students' college decisions were influenced by a wide variety of technologies. To that degree, it relates it back to the overarching theme of why social media is actually very important to higher education.

Though there are obviously many variables that can be found in a study such as this, the article is very sound in what it has to say. As a quick note, I was convinced first of all because I felt some of the same feelings and went through some of the exact same things the article mentions when I applied to college. But also, its studies also cited prior research that agreed with it. Its own study also covered a wide-range of different students and addresses further research that can be conducted and how the current research can be applied immediately.

This study directly shows the important and need for a presence on social media from universities, specifically the admissions office. It gives context and reasoning behind what I believe and am advocating for and supports the idea that I am presenting.