Comparing entities using social media

There are two main parts of my University Writing course. First, I'll be taking on "the roles of scholar and critic... examining the rhetoric of social media as they are used for selling and promoting products, organizations, people, and causes." Second, I will play a "Social Media Expert/For-Hire Consultant."

In this role, I will maintain this blog and will "analyze and actively engage with social media writing," but will also "choose a related group of individuals, companies, or organizations that are active in social media and track, analyze, and critique their marketing or promotion efforts over the course of the semester."

The three social media accounts I will be tracking include:
  1. The official Twitter account of The George Washington University
  2. The official Twitter account of The George Washington University Office of Undergraduate Admissions (@GWAdmissions)
  3. The official Twitter account of the Senior Associate Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, Peter Konwerski (@GWPeterK
The profile of the official account of The George Washington University.

GW Tweets
GW Admissions
GW Peter K
How often do they utilize social media?
Every day
Every couple hours
Every 30 minutes
Which venues do they utilize?
What is the field/work/
cause your group supports/
work towards/
Higher education - to
inform the public and
the study body on
what is happening around the GW campus.
High education - to
connect and engage with prospective students and market GW as a school that high school seniors should apply to.
Higher education -
to reply to students and  engage with the study
body of GW.
What kind of
work is being done?
Higher education - tweets showcasing
life on campus.
Higher education - tweets highlighting the
GW experience.
Higher education -
answering requests
and questions.
What are the important long-standing issues
in this field?
College life, value of higher education.
Acceptance rate of colleges and the
process to apply.
What are the controversies?
Move-in and Welcome Week questions.
Application and decision processes of colleges.
Living environments, package services, etc.

In what ways
will these groups
lend themselves to furthering the
ongoing dialogue
about selling with social media
in this field?
This account is trying
to portray life on the
GW campus and to
showcase what goes on
around campus. It's
social media presence
has an effect on the
reputation of the
school and people's
perception of the
school. In a way, GW
is trying to market
itself and highlight things that will positively impact its image.
This account is trying
to persuade high school
seniors to apply to GW.
Again, it is marketing
GW to highlight what
is good about the
school and selling a product to consumers (high school students).
This account is trying
to do customer service
and, sometimes, damage
control. Peter Konwerski
is a human connection
and face to GW and can, at times, be a spokesperson for GW.