Driving traffic through social media

Social media has been an important factor in driving traffic to external websites.

I have elected to use a Google+ page and a Twitter (@iantangpublic) as a tool to link followers to this blog. The reason I chose these venues are because they are more professional and more engaging than other forms of social media.

On my Google+ page, I will utilize the visual imagery and preview available on the platform to engage users, while on Twitter, I will utilize popular hashtags to gain attention on my tweets.

My Google+ page.
On both, my tone will be professional which will reflect the tone of my regular blog posts and my University Writing posts. Sometimes, depending on the topic, I will be a bit more playful and will utilize the three ethos to attract users to click into the links to read more.

My goals are to gain more followers on both platforms and get drive-through click-rates higher over the course of time. Because of my original number of followers on both my Google+ account and Twitter account, I expect it to be possible.