Justice, for all

Every single day, in America's Pledge of Allegiance, we recite the phrase "justice, for all." This simple phrase suggests that marriage, and who can marry who, should not even be a topic in our country.

Both the people who come out and say they support same-sex marriage and the people who come out and say they oppose same-sex marriage are wrong. It doesn't matter what they think... it matters what each individual believes. Their opinions shouldn't matter. People can decide what's best for themselves and how they want to lead their lives.

It's sad that we are still living in a country with "separate, but equal" characteristics. These people are still normal people, who should have the same equal, unalienable rights and their beliefs should be protected under our Constitution.

Americans should be able to lead their lives however they choose to, including decisions about who they want to spend their lives with. No one has any right to dictate or restrict who people can, or cannot, marry, nor do they have a right to justify what is right. No one can define "love." If you don't believe in or support same-sex marriage, or regular marriage, just do not do it. It's wrong to stop other people from believing in something different. It's not physically hurting anyone.

America was founded on the belief that everyone is equal, even if their opinions are worlds apart. It's sad that we still cannot see the very clear answer. Just don't even bother defining marriage and let each individual choose.